Friday, September 11, 2015

Gameweek 5 - International Break for football players or FPL players?

This is my result from Gameweek 4:

Another dismal week for me. With 2 players from my bench scoring a combined 19 points, I can't help but feel frustrated and annoyed at the same time. My last 2 gameweeks only seem decent because of Wilson who has been single-handedly keeping me afloat.

Let's look forward to Gameweek 5. I'm very excited this week not only because its a new week which promises hope and success, but because I tried FIFA 16 Demo version and I really liked it. I played with Manchester City, one of the 10 default teams, and felt very comfortable using Aguero and Toure. As such, both shall lead my team this week against Crystal Palace. No doubt Crystal Palace has superb form and a defiant defence, but character and class trumps all.

The rest of my players remain fairly unchanged from previous week. I haven't found any reason to make any major changes to my team. If possible, I do want to save my free transfer next week and go for a major change in 2 weeks times.

Trust me lads, for this week matches, just sit back with a beer and enjoy the matches, don't fret over your FPL team.

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