Friday, September 18, 2015

Gameweek 6 - No Change Just Faith

Last week's results

Last week's was nothing short of disastrous. Everything that could go wrong went wrong and it seems like its a common occurrence every week. Rather than blame bad luck, I'm back at it again evaluating fixtures, looking 3-4 weeks ahead to test the robustness of my team.

After looking through the transfer market and not see any immediate need to bring in any ''must-have'' player, I've decided to save my FT and make a change next Gameweek instead. Perhaps I should not term players ''must-haves'' as they have a tendency to flop in recent times.

My captain remains as Aguero, Arguably I could captain Wilson instead. My vote for each sways back and forth, akin to a voter in Iowa State. I may very well make a last minute switch and captain Wilson instead.

Players I need to trade out - Mings and Azpi.

Cheers Mate.


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