Friday, September 25, 2015

Gamweek 7 - Indie Team for the Win

Results from Gameweek 6:

I'm very pleased over what happened during Gameweek 6. It was made even better that my automatic substitutions worked in my favour. Let's hope we can carry this momentum (is it even fair to call it a momentum) over to this week.

Gameweek 7

I couldn't find any good reason to keep Hazard. I don't think he is a bad player at all, but the exiting morale at Stamford Bridge will definitely dampen his confidence and hunger to win. Playing poorly for the last 5 games, by any standards, forces me to drop him. Freeing him seemed to be the most sensible as he cost the most. I now have plenty of money to make changes to my team.

I have swapped out Hazard for Payet is so hot right now. One of my key strategies was the ride the bandwagon early - which I did for Mahrez. Beyond just an incredible streak of luck, Payet is an on-ball genius with impeccable technical skills coupled with great vision. He not only knows where or how the most difficult pass is, but he also possess the risk-appetite in him to make such passes. I may sound like his wife now so I'll stop here.

I have also traded for Sakho for Diouf because of the possible of injured Diouf and also as an insurance for Payet. If Payet doesnt score or assist, then it must be true that Sakho is doing it all on his own. If both manages to perform well, than hurray for me. If not, I'll have to include the word 'Faith' in my next post for goodluck.

Below is my team for GW7. Good luck one and all.

Possibly switching Chadli for Wilson. Still contemplating. 

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