Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gameweek 4 - A week to remember

Update: Some of my followers have asked that I show my weekly score and I shall very well do that. 

Gameweek 3 score : 

Hi Guys,

I must say I'm rather satisfied with last week's performance. I'm very disappointed with Rooney especially since he scored a hattrick against Brugge during their champions league qualification.

Looking at the overall robustness of my team (measured against schedules and form thus far), I think this team can take me far. A few minor tweaks I need is getting in a keeper that can be fixture-proof (possibly hart/cech) and a cheap keeper who actually plays (Mccarthly from CP). I also need to trade out Mings for a cheap pound-for-pound defender (what does that term even mean?).

It comes to no surprise that Wilson scored 3 goals last Gameweek. He definitely has the talent and has been the main goal-scorer for Bournemouth. They have a fairly lethal attack force but unfortunately, their defence is pretty bad.

Benteke has yet to fully assimilate into the Liverpool team and the next few games will determine whether I'll keep him in the long term.

Mahrez is on absolute fire. I'll keep it for as long as his form last. Once its gone, he'll be gone from my team as well.

I think all the other players are pretty standard - Hazard racking up an assist as he should be doing; Yaya Toure also notching an assist; Chadli likewise.

With all the above being said, I present you Gameweek 4. I'm going to play as many 'Home' players as I can. The current results are wayyy too skewed towards 'Away' wins.

I'm still tossed between captaining Benteke or Diouf. As of now, its Benteke. But I'll do a quick review and may very well decide to do a last minute switch.

Current Rank: 587, 451

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