Friday, August 7, 2015

It is the time of the year where fpl warriors awake from their slumber and change their teams 5 times a day. Every warrior is undecided between taking in Aguero now or waiting until he is back with full fitness. I followed some rules strictly when choosing my GW1 Team.

1. Hazard and Rooney are must-haves. Hazard has been exceptional last season and he creates and scores. Although seemingly a little sluggish in pre-season games, he always shines when the games matter. Rooney is going to play as and out and out striker after the departure of Falcao. Rooney plays best in the central midfield role because he is a ball winner coupled with the fact that he usually passes forward unlike Carrick. However, when thrust back into his old role as a striker, I'm confident he'll put the goals in for Manchester.

2. Defence Team that doesnt require much transfer and have good rotation. For a large number of defenders, their scores have the lowest variance compared to midfielders and attackers. They will consistently score the same number of points every week without much fluctuation in prices. There are exceptions to the rule: Ivanovic

3. Think about possible transfers in future. I definitely want to bring in Aguero at some point and also bring in any ''in-form'' player. Thus, I'm clear of my team changes when an opportunity presents itself. 

With that said, I present you my GW1 team.

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