Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello once again.

Work seems to bog me down time and time again and I should be more consistent.

This is a very important gameweek because 1. It is a double gameweek for some teams. 2. It is the week that I use my wildcard.

Liverpool, Chelsea, Hull and Leicester play twice this gameweek but for obvious reasons, I'm not going to invest in any Hull players. The same reasoning can be used for Leicester players except for the fact that they are a team that can actually score goals and their recent form has been good. Thus, I've decided to bring in King. Did I mention that he is cheap and has low ownership?

It looks almost certain that Chelsea will bring home the title this season and will do some by play somewhat more defensively. No team is going to risk losing the title with adventurous attacking play. The attacking team may rotate to give other players a chance, but the defensive team should certainly remain status quo. For that reason, I've decided to bring in Cahill and Courtois. Terry and Ivanovic are too expensive while Azpilicueta may be rotated with Luis, thus Cahill is the obvious choice. 

Skrtel plays a double gameweek too and they'll be fully focused on trying to attain 4th place in BPL. He will have no problem achieving game time, and possibly some cleansheets especially against Hull and West Brom. Because of his number of tackles and his tendency to venture into to opponent's half during corners, he has a high chance to bag extra/bonus points.

Lescott is a good substitute for Wisdom, which is by far my greatest burden this season. Clyne and Wollscheid are good alternatives and reasonably priced.

Midfielders are the gamechangers this seasons, they frequently attain the most points for every game week. I shall not talk about the obvious - Harzard, Sanchez. I've mentioned King already. Bolasie looks to be on form and is a very skillful player with Alan Pardew doing a really good job at Crystal Palace. Likewise, Henderson is emerging as the new leader in Liverpool. He is a box to box midfielder who can provide assist. The only person who may 'steal' these assist is Coutinho. Was considering getting Countiho in but Henderson is much cheaper!

The only top grade/expensive striker getting is Aguero. He is not injured and he can score both Home and Away. Kane is another must-have in FPL and Austin has an erratic form but proves to be lethal in front of goal.

I've made 8 changes to my team and this is the team that is going to carry me forward to the end of the season. 

Wish me luck. 


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