Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Germany vs Australia

Early this morning, Germany hosted Australia in an International Friendly where the visitors held the hosts to a 2-2 draw. For anyone who watched the match, you would know that the Aussies could have snatched this one. The reason I watched this game is because Mesut Ozil (whom I think is one of the best creators in the game) was playing coupled with the fact that the game is World Champs vs Asian Champs!

Marco Reus is such a smart, fast and skillful player such that I reckon he will excel in England. I'm positive many big English clubs will be vying for him this coming summer and I have no doubt I'll choose him for my 2015/2016 season. Mesut Ozil played a decent game with a key pass that eventually led to Podolski equalizer. Many critics argue that he is one lazy player but I beg to defer. Perhaps its his lanky frame and awkward jogging posture that makes him look lazy. This couldn't be further from the truth as statistically, he is one of the more hardworking player in Arsenal's midfield.

Although he is listed as 75% fit to play next week, I'm confident he'll play and make a decent impact for Arsenal against Liverpool. I'll post my team close to the gameweek after all the international friendlies.

Btw, I might upload some fifa 15 gameplay soon too!

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