Monday, March 23, 2015

Hi Guys,

This is my first official post and you can expect me to update this site regularly. Allow me to give a short introduction and what gave rise to this site. I have always been a avid football player and fan of Arsenal. During my teenage years, I would spent loads of my time watching and punting (to a small extent) football to fully immerse myself in the game. 2 years ago I was introduced to fantasy premier league by my friends and have been hooked since. The best feature of the game is that it takes everything into consideration. Most expensive players do not necessarily translate to high points. The skill factors in the game includes scouting for cheap/unknown players, understanding home field advantage, considering form of players and club, realizing the toughness of the schedule, calculating price/point worth, strategically planning your transfers etc. Of course another big element is the luck factor.

From now until the end of the season, I will post my team at least 24 hours before the window to make changes closes. In addition, I will give a brief breakdown on why I have chose my team as such. Feel free to comment and rate my team.

For the entire season, I have been ranked in the top 2% consistently and I hope to finish the season in the top 0.5%. I am currently ranked 13 200+ with my wildcard still in hand.


FPL Warrior

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